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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. well, here we are just hours away from the 49ers second home game here at levi's stadium. there are several concerns from turf trouble to parking problems. a look at what fans can expect to see at tomorrow's game. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. the 49ers get one more dress
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rehearsal tomorrow before the first regular season game. christie smith is live at levi's stadium where the grass may not be a little greener, but hopefully you can play on it. >> reporter: the fans we spoke with tonight, they're confident, the team is confident, even though there are some very different variables. the team is going to be playing on new turf. and last time they played here, some of the fans left early, even at halftime because the score was so disappointing. the family is from milpitas. they believe events here have gone pretty well. >> there's a lot of traffic, but it was much better than san francisco. >> reporter: at great america parkway, it did get jammed last weekend. and then drivers had to make their way past the pedestrians. >> it was about an hour and 15 to an hour and 30 minutes before we got into the parking lot. >> reporter: more than 60,000
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people attended the first 49ers game. many fans left early, which may have eased congestion. tomorrow is a new game, new test, played out on new turf. >> felt like there was too much slipping going on. and, you know, as it relates to the field, i mean, the action's been taken. we're refitting, regrouping, retooling. >> reporter: pictures were taken by a fan and were tweeted. the niners say the turf is twice as thick as before, laid down with an improved process to help it stick. howard young thinks it will all work out. he's just ready for a win. the 49ers did send us this statement saying the turf has been set, but there's no way to know if the turf is holding up until you play in it.
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but we are confident it will be ready for the game. the gates open at 10:00. they face the chargers tonight at 1:00. if sunday's 49ers game is canceled, it wouldn't be the first time field problems stopped play. back in august of 2001, the philadelphia eagles/ravens game was called off because of an unplayable field. and about 20 years ago, the oilers/chargers game was canceled because the field at the old astrodome was deemed unsafe. last sunday fans were stuck in the heat during the game. tomorrow, rob mayeda, why don't you tell us what it will be like. >> i don't think there will be weather issues. temperatures may feel a little warm, especially for areas on the east side of the stadium looking back into the direct sunlight. we'll see temperatures in the low to mid-80s.
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last sunday it was about 85 degrees. but some of the reflective heat being off the bright stadium surfaces made it feel hike you were seeing hotter temperatures than what you experienced outside. bottom line, we're going to see temperatures at least in the mid-80s. late in the game we'll get the sea breeze to start to pick up out of the northwest from 5 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures around santa clara looking pretty good. around the rest of the bay area, 81 in san jose, out towards the tri valley tomorrow, you'll see temperatures in the upper 80s with 90s in the forecast as we head toward the middle part of the week. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. if you're headed to tomorrow's game, we've got you covered. visit, click on the stadium guide in the upper left corner and you will find a lot of information on parking lots, traffic and how to avoid it. the search is on for the suspect who shot and killed a man at a concert in mountain
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view. marianne favro joins us live with a look at how social media may play a major role in this investigation. >> reporter: the shooting happened at this same time last night at shore line. now mountain view police are hoping that a youtube post may help them catch a killer. niklas was at the concert last night at shore line amphitheater in mountain view when i heard loud popping sounds. >> maybe fireworks or firecrackers. >> reporter: turns out it was gunfire. a man opened fire backstage, shooting him several times and killing him. mountain view police say the suspect was carrying a black pistol with a large magazine. the suspect is a black man in his 20s with short hair. detectives are hoping
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concert-goers using social media will help track him down. >> we are really looking to tap into that information. really, looking for people who were backstage, who may have taken a video or photo that led up to the event, maybe during the event and after. >> reporter: the shooting happened around 11:00 last night. investigators still don't know the motive. >> we're not too sure what the connection is at this time between the shooter and the victim or the connection to the concert-goers, the promoters or performers. >> reporter: niklas is back for the rascal flats concert. but despite what happened, he says he doesn't have concerns about his safety. >> i feel like it was one incident. i've come here many times last summer and this summer. i feel pretty safe. >> reporter: still, he wonders how a man with a gun made it back stage, an area that is supposed to have the highest security. the traffic you see here live are folks coming from the rascal
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flats concert which was held tonight at shore line am pla theater. however, the concert which was scheduled for southern california was canceled because of the homicide investigation here in mountain view. the whiz ca leiva is tweeting tonight. police are asking for the public's help after a crash. it happened about 3:00 this morning. chp says a 26-year-old was on a motorcycle when it crashed. it's not clear whether he lost control or if a car or truck or someone else hit him. that's why they're asking anyone else who saw what happened to come forward. the crash shut down 880 for
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about two hours. someone smashed the window of a bike shop and made off with two very expensive bikes. they are specialized turbo electric bikes. and they retail at about $6,000 each. now for a look at this suspect, described as a stocky hispanic man wearing khaki cargo shorts and a gray ecco unlimited hood eye. that was in morgan hill. thousands took to new york city streets today in a protest for the man killed in a police chokehold. >> i can't breathe! >> they yelled the last phrase that he uttered. many saw the event as a way to bring the city together.
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>> we don't want no violence. it's not all the police officers that's bad. >> new york police had a big presence at today's protest. some were equipped in riot gear not knowing what might happen but it stayed peaceful. the st. louis suburb where a teen was shot by a police officer remained quiet tonight. president obama has now ordered a review of federal programs that allow law enforcement agencies to buy military equipment. it comes out of concern over how such equipment has been used in ferguson. the officers in the city are now breaking their silence.
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the president oba president obama announced he is sending three officials to the funeral on monday. an icelandic volcano is erupting and it is diverting flights from the bay area. and the drought changing the landscape. the subtle changes scientists are sighing on the ground. plus a look at move in day for fresh men at uc berkley.
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a remote spot in the middle of nowhere is suddenly disrupting air travel. the volcano in iceland erupted today. flights from u.k. to san francisco had to be diverted. they have declared it a no-fly zone. scientists say so far there's no visible signs of eruption, but there's a whole lot of shaking going on below the surface from thousands of tremors. electric cars will soon have no trouble getting through the sierra nevada. they plan to build super chargers. six tesla charging bays have been delivered to truckee. the fees have been paid.
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stations provide a half charge in as little as 20 minutes, and it's free. now to our record-breaking drought, not only is it drying out california, but it's gotten so severe that it's literally changing the landscape. in central california, in some places, 80% of this year's grapes are rotting. and below the surface, groundwater levels are at historic lows. 60% of the water used by californians come from the ground, but now wells are going dry, which means people are digging existing wills deeper and deeper and drilling more wells too. >> this is the most repairs i've done since we've been in business 37 years. it's a seven-day-a-week operation. >> the western u.s. has lost 62 trillion gallons of water. the earth's surface is actually rising because the ground holds
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the water down. and when water is reserved, ground goes up. >> from a climate logical standpoint, there could be hope. we do have some low clouds, maybe some misty skies out towards the coast for san francisco tomorrow morning, but right now you see mainly clear skies. just patches of low clouds to the west of downtown san francisco right now. we will see low clouds coming back in as we move to tomorrow morning. but the satellite view looks pretty dry right now. what perhaps is more interesting over the next five to eight days is the weather happening well to the south of us. we have a tropical storm that continues to weaken. this is lowell, but the wave action or the southerly swell approaching the california coast at times could increase rip currents and make things a
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little treacherous on the beaches. we're not looking at surf getting above 6 to 8 feet at times, but the mixed swell will affect the coast. use a little caution on the coast over the next couple of afternoons. now it's not that storm, but another one, hurricane marie that could make for some interesting changes in our weather, perhaps by this time next weekend. one of the driest times of the year may be looking at a chance for seeing showers. but for now, we're looking at temperatures tomorrow very close to what we had today. 68 degrees in san francisco, closer to downtown san jose, 8 2 degrees. high pressure begins to build back in. mid-80s from the next two days, pretty comfortable. but then the numbers will jump to the low to mid-90s by wednesday and thursday. as high pressure builds in, that's going to lead to the
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weekend warmup. but as it moves on, maybe that opens the door for tropical moisture. the high builds in, that's a look at your mid-week warmup. puts your temperatures in the 90s. as the high moves on we'll be watching what's left of a former hurricane. notice this trough to the north and these two combined together, there is a slight chance some of these computer models trying to bring some of this moisture towards the bay area. right now it's only one long-range forecast that calls for that. but that is highly unusual to see that for the end of august. so we're hoping that plays out, because that could give us a chance of seeing some rain for next weekend. nothing to worry about for tomorrow. highs in the 80s around san jose. mid-80s for morgan hill. closer to 80 in napa. and pleasanton, 87 degrees. then you see the numbers ramping up into the 90s, a taste of
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summer heat as we go to wednesday and thursday. and maybe a chance of showers coming back to the bay area. it is a sure sign summer's headed down the homestretch. today was move-in day for thousands of incoming fresh men at uc berkley. the school's chancellor even showed up to greet arrivals. for families from near and far, today's big moment mixed pride with a dash of nerves. >> very nervous. i've got knots in my stomach, but i'm excited. >> makes me kind of nervous too. >> school leaders say traffic moved slowly due to steady arrivals. the first day of class is thursday. and i do believe that brings back a lot of memories for kate scott. you went to berkley. >> you read my mind, having lots
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of flashbacks. was in the dorm one year. and was an r.a. >> you were right there with them. >> very good point. after a nail-biter of a finish u the top teams in baseball were at it again. and once again, things got very interesting late. could the a's pull even with the angels in the west? that and much more coming up next in sports.
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well, it is a huge weekend for the oakland athletics as they host their rivals from the south. after a victory last night, they hoped to have a win tonight. the pressure, well, not really getting to the a's. the a's up 1-0. things get tied at one. joe smith sails one. coco crisp would take advantage giving oakland an it 2-1 lead. then comes sean doolittle. a's win, 2-1. doolittle in pain when he leaves the field. but after the game he says he was just fine. in washington they had to wait out a 75-minute rain delay. tim lincecum wishing they
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hadn't. the nats were allowed to take a 3-2 lead. then cabrera would end lincecum's day. everyone's a winner at the world series, right? and in blue, the kids from vegas, in yellow, the kids from chicago. in the sixth, chicago, two outs away from advancing to tomorrow's title game and they did just that. it is a win away from being the first african-american team to win the series. they place south korea tomorrow. phil mickelson had to hit out of the hospitality tent. he didn't do too bad, either. look at that. mickelson was back in the tent today. and apparently, it paid off. because this time he would hit
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the green. you can see here on the par four 16, he'd birdie the hole. the duo were at nine under heading for tomorrow's round. 49ers host the chargers tomorrow at levi's. we are all going to see how the new grass stands up. that's what everyone wants to know, terry, how's the grass going to do. >> i heard you say this week that you are most interested in seeing the 49ers just score a tough down. >> that's all i want. please, somebody, score a touchdown. >> somebody step up. kate, thanks very much. how's this for a first at levi's stadium in less than 12 hours. the stadium will hold its first wedding. we'll have that for you after this.
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a lot of firsts going on over at levi's stadium. and before the teams take the field tomorrow, it's going to have its first wedding. john mcgrath and mindy freeman going to be at levi's stadium suite exchanging vows after a year and a half-long engagement. they hadn't picked a venue until three and a half weeks ago when it was mendy's idea to reach out to the 49ers. i said hey, what about getting married in a suite? they said nobody had ever done it before. >> most people ask how i talked her into doing that. but people are pretty shocked to learn this was all her idea. >> the suite will only hold about 20 people. so priority was given to the big
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els 49er fans. >> saturday night live coming up next. have a great night. red white and blue pancakes for under five bucks? that's about as american as it gets. woman: what do you mean? blueberry pancakes, strawberries and cream cheese icing, starting at just $4.99. apple pie, watch out. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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>> good evening and welcome to "piers morgan live." i am piers morgan, the tiny, little fool of news. it's been a busy year for george zimmerman. first, he was acquitted of murder, then detained after a dispute with his ex-wife. and this week, he was arrested


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